We are an artistic bureau focusing on designing and developing projects for social change.

 The social, cultural or environmental challenges we face today, require systemic changes. We need to think globally and act locally.
To inform is not enough. To understand is not enough. Arguments and data are not enough.
Traditional learning is not enough.This is why we address each of the topics we deal with in a creative and holistic way, aiming to inspire positive shifts in the mindsets, attitudes, and feelings of the people that participate in our artistic projects

We integrate inter-artistic tools and formats according to the particular needs of our projects: we create through music, visual and plastic arts, theatre, crafts, creative technologies and trans-media formats.

We prioritize collaborative work through our network of partner organizations and individuals that resonate with our intentions and strategically boost our processes.

We build on local knowledge favoring participatory and co-creative scalable processes.

1, 2, 3… ¡¡JAM!!

[artistic workshops, childhood education]

Agreements for Quality

[dialogue-based workshops, reconciliation]

La Balsa

[musical theater, migration]

Brave Now, World!

[docummentary, sustainability]

Premios Naranja

[innovation challenge, artistic and cultural entrepreneurship]

NELIS Global Summits

[artistic interventions, sustainability]

MandaLa Vida

[festival, peace building]


[festival + bootcamp, sustainable development program]

NLU Next Leaders’ University

[audiovisual production, sustainability]

Somos Uno

[3D audio storytelling, environmental education for children]

Our work team combines artistic and research practices that are both rigorous and passionate. Our commitment is to have a positive impact with each of our projects. We are a group of people that identify themselves as change makers. Artists, social scientists from different backgrounds, pedagogues, and communicators, amongst other profiles, constantly come together within this creative platform, thus, equipping HERMANOS BROTHERS with a fertile and dynamic interdisciplinarity.

Management & Alliances


Strategic Planning

We count with a network of local, national, and international allies, both on an individual and organizational basis, strongly built and in continuous development. Tapping on this collective and collaborative intelligence we fulfill with the highest impact and creative standards the specific needs of each and every of our projects. Some of our allies and clients include:

Sobre el arte de educar

Sobre el arte de educar

Entrar a un salón y decir buenos días y que todos los estudiantes del salón se paren y respondan al unísono buenos días, es de las cosas más gratificantes de la educación. Pero el preguntarles por qué lo hacen y que la respuesta sea "por respeto a los adultos" es una...

Más acá de las palabras

Más acá de las palabras

Un grupo de estudiantes de noveno grado se encuentra en plena clase con su profesora de Sociales. Son estudiantes de un colegio público en Bogotá. El tema gira alrededor de las crisis económicas contemporáneas. Están hablando sobre cambio climático y medio ambiente....

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